New York: The Cheap Vacation Destination

Is the sun setting on America's Greatness?

Inquiring minds are shaking their collective head this evening at the revelation that New York has actually become a ‘cheap’ vacation spot for Ireland:

It’s that time of the year again, when Irish couples, friends and families descend upon New York in their droves for what one woman recently told the Irish Voice is a shopping spree in “Bargain Apple.”

Despite the devastating recession in a country that has made international headlines for the financial mess it finds itself in, some Irish people are still finding extra change in their pockets to make a trip to New York for their holiday shopping.

Why? Because merchandise is cheaper here:

The Coll sisters were on a mission to buy as much designer labels as possible.

“I just put away a Guess bag and wallet that’s $180. At home you’d pay about 200 sterling for the bag alone,” said Noreen.

Agnes, nodding her head in agreement, said she would be making a stop at the Tommy Hilfiger section of the store to purchase her designer labels too.

“Again, the price of Tommy Hilfiger here is so much cheaper than home, so that’s where we are heading next,” she said.

This is why high tax rates don’t work as planned. People will get on a jet and go thousands of miles to get what they want. This is an example of how free markets work.

This is why the Bush tax cuts need to be made permanent.

And why raising California’s taxes won’t work.


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