Liberal Policy About to Literally Kill Americans?

Inquiring minds are upon New Jersey tonight where the liberal Democrats policies of overspending have created a terrifing situation in America’s 2nd most dangerous city:

Exactly how many city workers will be affected is still an open question, although nearly half the city’s police and a third of the firefighters are slated to go.

Karl Walco (right) is with the union that represents non-uniformed Camden city workers.

“If we agreed to everything that the city proposed in concessions, it would only have a minor impact on the number of layoffs,” Walco told the council members.

No argument from Council. They sat impassively as workers and residents alike voiced their frustration.

When it was over, Council president Frank Moran suggested they’re not to blame.

“We didn’t put a price tag on public safety. Unfortunately, the governor of the State of New Jersey put that price tag on it,” he said at the packed Council meeting.

Don’t you love how Mr. Moran tries to lay blame on someone other than the city council members? Since when is it the responsibilitiy of someone in another city to protect the people of Camden? Especially when the Camden City Council decided years ago to pay for other things that would get them ‘votes’. Mr. Moran is partly right. A price tag was put on safety…and it was put there by the city council and the citizens of Camden. My father used to tell me, “You made your bed, now your going to have to sleep in it.”

At some point, Americans will re-learn the most basic lesson that someone, somewhere has to overpay if someone else in not paying there fair share. We are about to re-learn it in California for the fiscal malfeasance of the Democrat controlled state government. We, as a country, are in the process of re-learning it with regards to real estate. And, unfortunately, the people of Camden, New Jersey, are about to re-learn it there…maybe with there lives. In a free country citizens make decisions…good decisions yield rewards and bad decisions yield consequences.

Once again…The pied piper will exact payment.

We have seen this before. Firefigthers in Tennessee. The City of Vallejo, CA going bankrupt.


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