The Big Red Wave Continues Even After Election Day


Inquiring minds are on upon Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and a couple of other states where Democrat lawmakers have switched to the Republican party:

Democrats in five states have switched parties since Nov. 2, citing concerns about the economy and the political leanings of their constituents. The defections are a troubling sign for state Democratic operations clinging to life following their election drubbing. Though Republicans’ congressional gains drew more attention, the party picked up more than 675 seats at the state level last month and in some cases took over entire state capitals.

The gains far surpassed those made in 1994, but the sudden bout of party-switching gives the GOP a chance to build their majorities further without anybody casting a single ballot.

“It creates momentum, gives us better opportunities to recruit, better candidates in the next cycle,” said Frank Donatelli, chairman of Republican recruitment arm GOPAC, welcoming the newcomers and urging other wavering Democrats to follow suit.

As usual, the Democrats brought it all down to the single cause of racism:

In Alabama, the party put out a lengthy statement in response to the loss of four of its members last week.

“The gentlemen changing parties today had just won re-election as Democrats, not Republicans; and they did so with the money
, time, votes and volunteerism of thousands of Democrats from across the state,” the statement said. “The Republican members of the legislature have put on a full-court press to push all white Democrats to change parties after the election.”

Get that? It’s not that the Republicans have a tax strategy, its that they are just “knuckle-dragging racists”.

Democrats had better add a few pages to their out-of-date playbook if they are going to turn things around.

But that is so much harder than confessing that.


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