Wasting Away in Californiaville

What next?...money for researching Polar Bear mating habits in Death Valley because of global warming?

Inquiring minds are begining to look for the exits after reading about California’s High-Speed Rail program. Its…not exactly…very logical, to say the least. In fact, it might be the new iconic moment for non-Californians to view the symbiotic relationship between Governor Jerry Brown and the state’s foolishness:

California has plans for an 800-mile high-speed rail system running the length of the Golden State, and initial estimates place the cost somewhere around $45 billion (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it cost twice that by the time it is finished). Even a 800 mile journey begins with the first step, and California has been trying to find the area most receptive to the idea of a high-speed rail line. They found that place in the Central Valley, between Borden and Bakersfield, with stations to be built in Fresno and the Hanford area of Kings County. In total, the plan calls for 65 miles of track and stations at a cost of about $4 billion.

Sounds good, right? That is, until you realize that this section will be completely un-powered and un-supported until more lines are built. No trains, no maintenance facilities, just empty tracks and stations.

No, you don’t have to blink. You read that right. Clalifornia, the state that is running up incredibly high deficits is going to spend $45 Billion on building train tracks in the middle of no where, without cars, and no stations.

Remember, California is about to be forced into issuing IOU’s because of a cash drain. And they are going to build THIS?

Only in California…


One Response

  1. It could be worse. After it is built it will take billions every year to subsidize it. It will never pay for itself and it will always need to be subsidized at a greater dollar amount each year.

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