Ho! Ho! Ho! Anonymous Americans Become Santa

Hope-filled hearts are happily reading how Americans from around the country are stepping up this Christmas Season to help their neighbors through these difficult times. Here are just three examples:

1) Tennessee Super! Secret Santa (here)

Most of us are familiar with the ringing bells outside of stores this time of year. And many of us even drop in our spare coins. But Tuesday night, somebody threw down a few bills instead. “I just kept screaming and digging in and looking for more,” says Salvation Army donations coordinator Jennifer Fisher. Every morning, Fisher helps count the kettles from the day before. But nothing prepared her for the seemingly never-ending stack of Benjamin’s. Co-workers even grabbed their cameras and caught the moment. In the end, 55 fresh $100 bills. That’s $5,500! “I was just sorting through and kept finding different little piles of hundreds!” laughs Fisher.


That money will certainly go a long way. Client need is up 30% this season. And recent cold weather means more people are spending the night. They are people that secret santa will likely never know. “I think they’re just wanting to help and they don’t need the credit,” says Fisher. “They just want to make Christmas a better time for other people this year.”

2) Anonymous South “North Pole” Santa (here)

“We are running leaner than we have probably run in years,” said Executive Director Lori Kratchmer, who says this year donations are down at least 20 percent. “Across all suburbs around the metro area so, it’s really broad, the need, and it continues to be greater and greater.”

But Wednesday, a Christmas miracle arrived in a plain white envelope. Up front, administrative assistant Carol Deters opens up the mail. She just had a hunch.

“I said, I just love these mysterious envelopes because you never know what little goody you are going to find on the inside. And we opened it up and it was a check for $40,000,” Deters said.

Deters says $40,000 can purchase 37,600 meals.

“I was just so excited and we were running around and yelling, needed it,” she said.

There was no note, and when the staff tried to call the person whose name was on the check, the number was unlisted. The donor wanted to remain anonymous.

3) Seein’s believe’n in Joplin Missouri (here)

The Joplin Salvation Army has once again gotten an early Christmas gift from “Santa Claus.”

Five checks totaling $100,000 were dropped into the Salvation Army’s red kettle at Walgreens, 20th and Main streets, sometime between 5 and 9 p.m. Monday, Capt. Jason Poff said.

“They were folded and hidden within dollar bills,” he said. “Really, it feels surprising, shocking, amazing all at the same time when you open up a bucket and $20,000 checks start falling out.”

This is at least the fifth consecutive year in which the local organization has received a substantial anonymous donation, in the form of Commerce Bank cashier’s checks with the remitter identified as “Santa Claus.” Over the past five Christmas seasons, the local Salvation Army has reaped $350,000 in checks from the anonymous Santa.

Every soldier that has ever laid their life down for this country must look at these acts of incredible kindness and realize their sacrifice was not in vain.


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  1. I have seen too many times where “needy” people I know misused the system. From gamblers who gamble hundreds every month and are then unable to buy food to those who aren’t particularly needy but are in the system so they use it. Those who use their foodstamps for weekend barbecues because they have adequate “off the books” income and those who buy beer with their own money and use food stamps to buy the food for the family. My favorite poor person has three vehicles and a 42″ TV and food stamps. The father is indeed out of work and has been for two years but he milks the unemployment system. Given all the abuse in the inability or unwillingness of our government to control it why would anyone give to charity?

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