WARNING! It Ain’t the Same Ole’ Ballgame Anymore

Inquiring minds are smiling this morning as it looks as if Hell just froze over…The Republicans (at least in Minnesota) have finally figured politics out and grown a pai…er, matured.

No more are they going to allow actions detrimental to The Party to go without consequences. From James article, “Minn. GOP brings out the knives for moderates“:

In a dramatic display of the new Republican order, Minnesota’s state GOP banished 18 prominent party members — including two former governors and a retired U.S. senator — as punishment for supporting a third-party candidate for governor.

The stunning purge, narrowly passed by the state Republican central committee last weekend, suggests more than just a fit of pique: by banning some of the state’s leading moderates, the Minnesota GOP moved toward extinguishing a dying species of Republican in one of its last habitats.

Oh yeah! Finally Republican leadership has evolved to Vertebrate status.

Proving that pride not only goeth before the fall but is the sin that keeps its beholder blind:

“The Republican party is trying to become … you would call it introverted totalitarianism,” said former congressman and Gov. Al Quie, a onetime vice presidential prospect who plans to stick with the party despite the penalty. “It’s just plain dumb on their part. … In the long run, if the party persists with this, [it’s] going to just become smaller and smaller and eventually something else would come in its place.”

Wow, someone give the man a dictionary and instructions to look up the words “loyalty”, “team”, “penitence”, and “humility”. And maybe even “consequences”.

Does anyone think these penalties are very draconian for turning their backs on their fellow teammates during a time of conflict (election)?

Gov. Quie reminds us of the leaders in the Episcopal Church over the several decades who for years warned of impending doom if the Conservatives tried to uphold standards. Yet, every time the liberal leadership would ‘modernize’ the church, it ended up becoming significantly smaller.

Liberals always seem to look at life with a static paradigm. Economically, they only see the pizza being sliced up. They never realize the ‘pizza’ can get bigger! It isn’t a zero sum game. Your piece of pizza can get bigger without making someone else’s piece getting commensurately smaller.

Mr. Quie is a typical liberal in that he sees only what is there in front of his face. He has no imagination.He doesn’t see how his actions keep so many other people from joining the party. He doesn’t see the Tea Partiers or the Libertarians who would gladly come to the Republican Party just as long as it doesn’t include him and his friends…which would be a big net gain.

To Mr. Quie and his fellow Quislings:

“You didn’t lead so either follow or get the hell out of the way.”


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