Greece: The Country in Revolt, Church Takes a Stand

Inquiring minds are upon Greece during two days of total media blackout. Greece’s Orthodox Church has taken a position on the austerity measures introduced by the government, which have caused country-wide protests, especially violent in Athens:

But today’s main story is the hard line being taken by the Greek Orthodox Church, which has called Greece an ”occupied” country, referring to the measures imposed by the IMF and the European Union, which de facto place Greece’s independence in the hands of others. This attack from the Orthodox Synod – the text of which was distributed throughout the country’s churches during Sunday services – strikes at the heart of the country’s political leadership. This goes both for the present leadership under the Pasok socialists and that which preceded it – the conservatives of Nia Dimocratia. Both groupings are interested in nothing but power, ”not knowing how to speak the language of truth”.

The Church went even further, accusing the country’s political classes of not having rebelled at the very tough measures being imposed, but instead of having submitted to the creditors, thus leading to the imposition of ”radical changes which would have caused Greece to rebel just a short time before, but which have now triggered hardly any reaction at all”.

The Synod also points out how many economists are viewing the present global crisis as no more than ”an artificial and provoked crisis aimed at placing control of global finance in the hands of non-philanthropic forces”. The Church attacks the country once again for having lived ”irresponsibly” as a consumer and drifting away from the ”truth of its situation”

At least someone is taking a stand on cultural matters. Funny how it is the Church and not some bureaucrat and/or politician.

The Greeks have a long way to go to dig out of their mess but this is a huge step towards normalcy. The Greek synod carries much weight with most Greeks. This could give the country just the catalyst they have been searching for.


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