Gov. Christie to the Rescue!!! Commutes Gunowner’s Sentence

He looks a little happier than the last time we saw him.

Inquiring minds are standing up and cheering New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for commuting the sentence of a man given seven years in prison after being found with two guns he purchased legally in Colorado:

The case of Brian Aitken, 27, had become a cause célèbre among gun-rights advocates. On Jan. 2, 2009, Aitken, an entrepreneur and media consultant with no prior criminal record, muttered to his mother that life wasn’t worth living after a planned visit with son was abruptly canceled at the last minute. Aitken then left his mother’s home in Mount Laurel as she called police, who later found two locked and unloaded handguns in the trunk of his car.

Aitken had purchased the guns legally in Colorado, and he passed an FBI background check when he bought them, according to his father, Larry Aitken. Brian also contacted New Jersey State Police before moving back back to the Garden State to discuss how to properly transport his weapons. But despite those good-faith efforts, Larry Aitken said, Brian was convicted on weapons charges and sent to prison in August.

The out of control prosecutor was quoted as saying:

In an e-mail to this month, Joel Bewley, a spokesman for the Burlington County prosecutor’s office, said “no evidence” was presented during the trial to support Aitken’s claim that he was moving at the time of his arrest. And despite an appearance on’s “Strategy Room” in August 2009 to discuss his case, Aitken did not testify at his trial.

Note to Bewley…It is a BAD law. It is unconstitutional. Go look at the US Constitution, 2nd Amendment. No intelligent person cares about the his defense, the law should be repealed. If it was, maybe New Jersey would become safer and more law abiding.

This was actually a double win. Christie also refused to reappoint the beastiality-loving judge, James Morley.

For background on this case: “One Calf vs. Two Pistols: Which is more Dangerous?


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