Pre-Roosevelt America…It Followed the U.S. Constitution

Calvin Coolidge taking his oath of office

Inquiring minds are quietly thinking how wrong history has treated a Great American…our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge.

The wonderful thing about the history of post-Civil War America is that it is very easy to get the subject’s own words for evaluation. This time is no different.

President Coolidge’s 1925 State of the Union Message should be required reading for every high school student in America.

A one paragraph preview:

It is a fundamental principle of our country that the people are sovereign. While they recognize the undeniable authority of the state, they have established as its instrument a Government of limited powers. They hold inviolate in their own hands the jurisdiction over their own freedom and the ownership of their own property. Neither of these can be impaired except by due process of law. The wealth of our country is not public wealth, but private wealth. It does not belong to the Government, it belongs to the people. The Government has no justification in taking private Property except for a public purpose. It is always necessary to keep these principles in mind in the laying of taxes and in the making of appropriations. No right exists to levy on a dollar, or to order the expenditure of a dollar, of the money of the people, except for a necessary public purpose duly authorized by the Constitution. The power over the purse is the power over liberty.

Please click on the link and read the entire 1925 State of the Union Message by Calvin Coolidge. It will become apparent very quickly why the Progressive/Leftist/Liberal movement has spent 85 years destroying this man’s reputation and rightful place in history. The more you learn of Calvin Coolidge the bigger he becomes.

After reading this, one begins to think about another boogeyman of the left…Joe McCarthy; and why they keep vilifying him. Could it be…


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