Repealing the DADT…a veteran’s opinion

Inquiring minds are reading a new author, Darin Selnick, who used to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs. For full disclosure, Darin is an old friend. We have gone through many wars. Some political, some actually even charitable. He is an honorable, intelligent person with good writing skills and he just posted a new article on entitled “The repeal of DADT is a wake-up call for social conservatives“:

Why do Democrats want to repeal DADT, considering that it has been in effect since 1993 and has worked well? This is not about what is good for the country or the military; it is about jamming the Democrats’ left-wing, radical social agenda down the throats of the American people. This is a wake-up call for social conservatives that we are in a culture war that the left will not give up on despite suffering historic losses in the November midterms.

Although social conservatives lost the battle on DADT, the culture war and the fight on this have just begun. The repeal of DADT is mobilizing a large group of previously inactive social conservatives, just as the health care fight, TARP, the stimulus and other fiscal issues mobilized fiscal conservatives. Going forward, DADT will be the rallying cry for social conservatives, and the issue will not fade away. Social conservatives know that the military is the last line of defense in the culture war and if it falls, so does the rest of the country.

Surviving California invites you to read the rest of Mr. Selnick’s article. He is a very intelligent, well-balanced writer who has good common sense approaches. Watch for future articles. They are sure to be very informative.


2 Responses

  1. If anything is “radical” in the article by Mr. Selnick, it’s the vitriolic manner in which he speaks about this issue. I didn’t find anything that he had to say in that article even remotely “well-balanced”. At one point in one of his other articles, he refers to our current SEC DEF as a “henchman”. Secy. Gates is one of the most respected defense secretaries in history. Insinuation like that will certainly not gain him the respect of the intelligent right (or left).

    Rather than using the shock-jock approach to writing about politics, maybe Mr Selnick should calm his prose down, take a breath, and give social conservatives what they’ve needed for about 15 years: a thoughtful approach to communicating a political point.

  2. First of all the was nothing in the article qualifying as “shock-jock approach”. That is hyperbole to say the least.

    Secondly, I said that he was well-balanced not necessarily his column. Afterall, his column is an opinion. Of course the column isn’t ‘well-balanced”.

    Gates is anything but “one of the most respected defense secretaries in history”.

    Nice try but please don’t try and tell a group you apparently are not a part of on how to think. Especially when it doesn’t appear you have any experience in the field.

    You are the one using a “shock jock approach” by not sticking to any facts. Social conservatives have had MANY advocates give a thoughtful approach in the last 15 years.

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