Greece: Government, Church Clash

Metropolitan Ieronymos of Thebes, leader of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Inquiring minds are amazed at the chutzpah of politicians.

For background, please see this previous post:

Greece: The Country in Revolt, Church Takes a Stand

Now, Giorgios Papandreou is lashing out at the Greek Orthodox Church’s hierarchy for not knowing what has really happened:

Greece’s socialist government, led by Giorgios Papandreou, has clashed with the Greek Orthodox Church after strong clerical criticism of “the ruling class”, which is said to have turned Greece into a “country under occupation” by EU-IMF creditors.

The government spokesperson, Giorgios Petalodis, answering the criticism contained in a pastoral message circulated last Sunday in all churches, said that the claims of the Orthodox bishops “have no relationship with reality” and derive from the fact that the clerics “apparently fail to understand the great importance of the efforts made by the government” to bring Greece out of crisis and to modernise the country. He invited the Church to consider “the changes and the needs of new times.

Funny, sane people tend to look at a bankrupt country and figure it is the politicians who are at fault since they were in charge.


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  1. Maybe but what about the greedy scum who elect them?

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