CA Strips Homeowners of Rights

Inquiring minds are shaking their heads at just how bad legislation is in The (Formerly) Golden State. Today’s example is laid at the feet of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democrat controlled legislature for California Senate Bill 94 which imposes incredible strong sanctions on a homeowner yet doesn’t restrain banks in the least:

“The State of California has made it a crime punishable by one year in jail, a fine of $10,000 and professional discipline for an attorney to represent a borrower in a dispute with a bank regarding a ‘loan modification or other form of mortgage forbearance,'” the complaint states. “The State of California imposes no similar restriction on the ability of a bank to hire a team of attorneys.”
Duenas says that the bill, which was intended to stop loan modification consultants and real estate agents from charging advance fees, was enacted after Schwarzenegger pressured lawmakers to add attorneys to the list.
“Gov. Schwarzenegger’s pressure on state legislators resulted from intense lobbying by several groups, including the banking industry, which feared that attorney representation of borrowers would prevent banks from having absolute control over their legal relationship with the borrower and the consequences of that relationship,” the complaint states.

Since the law was passed no attorney has been willing to take such a case.

This is yet another example of how Democrats and some Liberal Republicans continually do the bidding of Big Business. People have to grow up and understand that if a group wants to control anything in people’s lives, it doesn’t matter if you are for it or not. Because that group will turn their attention to you and control your life soon enough.


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