CA Dept of Ed…In Good Hands,er…With Light Fingers

Inquiring minds are reading Anthony Pignataro of where he has uncovered evidence that Governor Moonbeam is ‘going-along-to-get-along”. So much for all those people who were thinking that combining “West Wing” with “That 70’s Show” would be a hit and get California out of the mess its in:

That’s right, folks: Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown has appointed one Louis “Bill” Honig to the California State Board of Education. Honig, for those of you not old enough to remember 1993, spent a decade as state Superintendent of Public Instruction until getting convicted of four “felony” conflict of interest charges. Though the charges were reduced to misdemeanors in 1996, Honig throughout his trial insisted that he didn’t know his actions — illegally diverting public money to an education firm run by his wife — were illegal.

Lately, recent California superintendents have been “interesting”. Take Delaine Eastin, for instance:

“Honig gave way to Delaine Eastin, a Bay Area assemblywoman and defender of the status quo,” my Pacific Research Institute colleague K. Lloyd Billingsley has written. “Eastin made life difficult for charter schools and families who choose to homeschool their children. On her watch, the [Department of Education] was handing out millions of dollars to ‘Community Based Organizations’ (CBOs) headed by corrupt bosses and left-wing militants.

“When auditors uncovered the problem, superintendent Eastin did not go after the fraud. Rather, she punished the whistleblowers and kept money flowing to the corrupt organizations. When the abused whistleblowers sought justice through the courts, the CDE spent millions defending those who had demoted them [SC editors emphasis].”

Given the Honig appointment, is an Eastin job coming soon as well?

We couldn’t have said that last line better ourselves. Contrast this action of Gov. Brown with what Chris Christie’s first actions were in New Jersey.

Good job, residents of California. Again, this is just another reason why the new Congress will not bail California out. Unfortunately, California must fail to learn its lessons. Saving it would be a co-dependent action and just enforce California’s feelings of entitlement.


2 Responses

  1. i kind of wonder about that congress bailing out the state formerly known as california comment.
    i have put together a conspiracy theory of my own from reading material elsewhere.
    for all i know i may have even read it here.
    hussein will simply tell the fed to bailout the state formerly known as california. he’ll probably do the same with illinois as well.
    thereby, circumventing congressional action.
    george soros would simply approve the action………

  2. i forgot…….
    is honig a common name in california?
    is he the wine guy honig?

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