The Worst Places to Find a Job in the US

Inquiring minds are looking upon a post over at Verum Serum on the “35 Worst Places to Find a Job in the US“. and is, quite simply, heart-rending.

The author John references a new survey of 372 metro areas carried out by a group called Buffalo Business First who found that about a third of them are experiencing their worst unemployment rates in at least a decade:

The first thing that strikes me is how heavily concentrated the worst unemployment is. 22 of the 35 metro areas with the worst unemployment are either in California or Florida. Three of the remaining 13 are in Michigan. I created a Google Map so you could see it…

Please click on this link here to see the map mentioned in the quote above.

Please zoom in on California and you will see that most of the worst unemployment in the US today is in California’s central valley. Interestingly, the author references Victor Davis Hanson’s article “Two Californias”…the same cogent article we, at, commented on previously:

Two Authors on The Two Californias

UPDATED: If you haven’t read this post, I urge you to take the time to do so…and also read the two articles referenced in this post. Especially the on by Victor Davis Hanson.


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