Gone With the Wind: Cheap Electricity

Yes, President Obama must think it just rains money.

Inquiring minds are reading of President Obama’s new wind energy policy:

Experts forecast bills will triple under burden of power-line financing

The Obama administration is changing the way wind energy projects in the American Midwest are financed by “spreading the costs” to consumers and businesses in other states, possibly doubling or perhaps tripling energy bills in the region in the coming years, experts are telling WND.

Obama’s team at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which regulates much of the coal, gas, hydroelectric and oil industries, late last month approved a scheme long sought by environmentalists that links windmills and windmill farms to conventional energy transmission grid lines in the nation’s heartland.

FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff announced new federal rules that would in essence socialize the cost of transmission lines across the 13 states of the Midwest at a price tag of approximately $20 billion.

Remember when President Obama said this in January 2008:

Rates will necessarily have to skyrocket.” (This quote is at about the :30 mark)

People really need to watch what a candidate says before they vote for them.

One question: Can anyone who voted for Obama have standing to actually complain of too high of gasoline prices?


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