Just How Much Has Obama Raised Spending?

Ballot box penalty for any Republican Congressman backing away from severe budget cuts.

Inquiring minds are reading a column just out by Political Analyst Dick Morris on Congressional dynamics. In it he states very interesting statistics, such as this:

Most Americans do not want to see the debt limit raised at all. If it must be increased, they will insist that it be preceded by major cuts in government spending. Voters see the need to borrow more money as a symptom of a disease of overspending. They are unwilling to sanction ongoing pain relievers to mitigate the impact of the illness without major progress toward a cure in the form of spending reductions.

And a few minor cuts won’t do. House Republicans should demand that discretionary, non-defense spending be rolled back to 2008, pre-Obama levels and be frozen there for the next three budget cycles. Since Obama has taken office, non-defense discretionary spending has risen by 41 percent. In just two years, it has soared! Only if this overspending is reined in and rolled back can the Republican House vote for a debt-limit increase.

The article is a very good analysis of what to expect in the US House of Representatives. It is well worth the time investment.


3 Responses

  1. This isn’t rocket science. Last year we spent $2.1 trillion more then we took in from taxes. If we don’t want the debt ceiling to be raised we must spend about $2.1 trillion less. We aren’t going to accomplish this with a little cut here and there in descretionary spending. We need to make serrious cuts in welfare spending which exceeds $1 trillion a year. We need to fire 30%-50% of the federal non-military workforce. If we don’t make massive cuts like this I can guarantee we will be back here next year argueing if we should raise the debt ceiling or shut down the government. For me I would prefer we just shut the damn thing down but ONLY if we fire everyone. If we shut it down and then give them all back pay later That would be incredibly stupid.
    But either way I have great confidence that our politicians will do exactly the wrong things and we are in fact doomed…

  2. yesterday, 01/12/2011, a very nice gentleman from dr. coburn’s office came into my store.
    for the better part of an hour i let him have it.
    civily, of course.
    during our discussion he asked me specifically if there was anything that i was afraid of.
    i said there are two things.
    one, i fear hussein will circumvent congressional action and instruct bernanke to bailout california, new york, & illinois.
    second, i fear raising the debt ceiling. attaching conditions is useless. don’t raise the debt ceiling. period. and to make my point, i had him sit at my computer, i pulled up the surviving california website, and showed him the essay robert wrote, along with the graph that was included.
    i feel i have done my part.

    • Way to go, Louis! More people need to stand up and be counted. Let these guys know what is important to you.

      Way to not let a perfect moment to inform them.

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