Italy Invaded!

Is this how Hemingway would have 'seen' this protest?

Inquiring minds are upon Italy as the European Financial Crisis creates more civil unrest as 200 Sardinian sheep farmers land at Civitavecchia to march on Rome. The demonstrators attempted to go on by train and seized five coaches and were ultimately blocked after scuffles with police:

More than 200 Sardinian sheep farmers were blocked at Civitavecchia as they attempted to travel to the ministry of agriculture in Rome after disembarking on Tuesday morning from the Olbia ferry. The organisers, hoping to avoid police checks, had not notified the authorities and had arranged for five coaches to take them from Civitavecchia harbour to the capital. But police, Carabinieri and financial police officers were waiting at the dockside for the farmers from the Movimento pastori sardi (MPS). Tempers rose and scuffles ensued.

When the police kept the protesters away from the trains, it :

The demonstrators also failed to catch the mid-morning train to Rome’s Termini station. “We’re all family men but they’re treating us like criminals”. Felice Floris, one of the organisers of the protest by 200 Sardinian farmers, sounds more disappointed than angry. “We came with peaceful intentions but they are still preventing us from going anywhere. We’ll be going back to Sardinia with a police escort during the crossing. It’s a disgrace. We’ve been subjected to what amounts to preventive detention along with the coaches, whose drivers have been identified and threatened with charges if they move away. And that’s not all. They’ve also denied us the basic right to get on a train to Rome. And to think that our delegation only wanted to propose to the ministry that a Mediterranean-wide body should be set up to coordinate action by sheep-farming countries against regulations that severely penalise the entire sector”. The farmers feel that they have been tried before they were able to carry out their protest. Many opposition politicians expressed solidarity…

It almost sounds as if this happened in 30’s Italy under Mussolini.


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