Lawyer Advises Clients: Break Back Into Your Home

As the economy faulters, more people will look to unlawful means to preserve their lives.

Inquiring minds are reading the LATimes regarding attorney Michael Pines and his advising his clients to break back into their homes following foreclosure:

Pines vowed to hire a locksmith and enter the vacant house illegally.

“I’m going back there,” Pines declared, gripping the lectern. “And I hope I get arrested.”

“I certainly hope not,” Lane shot back. “That is a blatant disregard of this court’s order.”

With Pines, the threat at the October hearing couldn’t be written off as courtroom theatrics. The 58-year-old attorney admits to breaking into homes at least half a dozen times, including one before with the Earls, leaving the clients to squat in their homes while he defends their legal right to possession. His unconventional methods have gotten him fined by a judge in San Diego, arrested in Newport Beach and threatened with contempt — and jail — in Ventura.

By giving this advice, Mr. Pines is not only breaking the law; he is breeching professional ethics. And Mr. Pine’s methods are provoking plenty of criticism:

“This attorney violates the canons of professional ethics in advising clients to break the law,” said George Lefcoe, a USC real estate law professor. “What [his clients] are doing on his advice is not only going to prove costly to them and completely futile, it could lead to dangerous altercations with the true owners and law enforcement officers.

The balance of the article is highly recommended. As both our country’s and the world’s economy continues to degrade, there will be more and more people attempting less traditional methods to fight a system many feel is corrupt and stacked against them.

These next few years will be very interesting, indeed.


2 Responses

  1. this has an eerie “feel” to it. something like the dust bowl days. some, like john dillenger and pretty boy floyd, were considered heroes by some. wrongly. as they stole from lending institutions viewed as corrupt.
    this guy pines isn’t using a tommy gun. he’s using a system, and the law, that may come to be viewed by some as corrupt.
    those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it.
    i bet.
    it sort of gives you the feeling of calling these present day squatters, “okies”, now don’t it?

    • I agree. My thoughts exactly.

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