Rand Paul Takes Aim on Budget

Inquring minds are looking at the US Senate as one of its newest members, Rand Paul, turns the hallowed institution on its proverbial ‘seniority’ head by creating his own budget…complete with hundreds of billion of dollars in real cuts:

The tea party hero is at the bottom of the Senate in seniority and was sworn in as Kentucky’s junior Republican senator only two weeks ago, but he’s about to unveil his own sweeping budget plan that would result in a $500 billion cut in just one year — about five times more than what the House GOP has promised to do.

How is Senator Paul going to do it?

Paul’s version of the federal budget — which he’ll unveil as early as next week — would target programs at virtually every federal agency, including the Defense Department, and would eliminate the Education Department. He plans to follow up with a five-year budget with even deeper spending cuts, a move likely to prompt backlash from groups that would be affected by his proposal.

Ya’ think there could be some backlash? For cutting the Department of Education?

A needed rule from the media would be that no one is allowed to defend the Department of Education without a concrete example of something the DOEd has done to help the average student.

Talk about shutting up the opposition?


One Response

  1. even if senator paul does something that i don’t agree with him on in this measure, i will still support him.
    something has got to be done to roll back what the socialists have done.
    i have to admit, though, i thought eliminating the DOEd would be a $500b savings in/of itself.

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