California Superintendent of Schools Declares ‘Financial Emergency’

Inquiring minds are chuckling that The (Formerly) Golden State STILL isn’t getting it. Unlike New Jersey, California elected the same-old-same-old as their states teetered on the financial abyss. New Jersey repudiated the decades-old Democrat Machine that turned The Garden State into a weed patch. However, California, in much the same situation, not only elected someone “like” before…they reached back into the 70’s and elected a former Governor who almost drove the State into bankruptcy then. Californians went to the polls and elected Governor Moombeam himself, Jerry Brown, over a self-made high-tech billionaire who founded Ebay!

Most people have forgotten that Brown’s father, Pat Brown, as governor pushed the State of California to bankruptcy in the early 60’s. So, will the third time now be the charm?

As Hank Williams, Jr., sings, “I guess its a…family tradition!”

One of Gov. Moonbeam’s fellow Democrats, newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, declared:

…a state of ‘financial emergency’ for California’s schools earlier this month and asked state residents to come to the aid of the state’s public education system.“

But it’s what Mr. Torlakson didn’t say:

Mr. Torlakson moaned about class sizes increasing as school budgets have been squeezed but his rant ignored the fact that California teachers are the second highest paid in the nation. Were California’s average teacher salary move over time to the 15th highest position (still in the top 1/3 nationwide), student / teacher ratios would improve over 20%.

I asked Mr. Torlakson about this at Governor Jerry Brown’s “Budget Briefing” at UCLA last month. One of the Governor’s presentation slides showed that California Teachers are at the top of the pay scale at an AVERAGE salary of $68,000 BEFORE BENEFITS & RICH PENSIONS COSTS.

Watch his 1 minute response here on video:

Torlakson defends High Union Salaries

See you in Bankruptcy Court, California.


2 Responses

  1. Teacher in Alameda,CA. wrote letter to editor that the 3% raise that they got was not a “real” raise, because it did not have an additional raise for inflation.
    Average salary for 9 months work- $66,000. and retire at 55 with medical benefits.
    They definitely need a raise.

  2. i believe the opening sentence robert used is sarcasm.
    i live in a flyover state.
    i am not chuckling.
    i do not think it’s funny.

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