One Out of Four Could Afford

Inquiring minds are reading the Las Vegas Sun where they are reporting that almost one fourth of the homeowners who were foreclosed on could afford their payments. In other words, they were the dreaded strategic defaults being talked about in real estate circles. What’s worse is that the trend shows no signs of subsiding:

The study said 23 percent of those surveyed described their own situation as a strategic default, meaning they decided to stop making payments on their debt despite having the financial ability to pay. Many of those who walked away from their homes said trusted confidants advised them that a strategic default was their best option, the study said.

The authors of the study said strategic defaults are a much greater problem in Nevada than the rest of the nation. It has less of a stigma here that it’s a shameful decision, and it’s becoming more popular as part of a snowball effect, they said.

“I believe the current trend upward. It could get worse,” said Joel Searby, SGS’s director of marketing and business development. “The cultural stigma is dropping, and it’s becoming more acceptable.”

The survey was conducted by SGS, a national research firm that has done similar studies in Florida and Pennsylvania. It held two focus groups in Las Vegas and interviewed more than 1,000 Nevadans by phone.

“It was striking to see that nearly one in four Nevadans who lost their homes to foreclosure admitted they simply walked away from their mortgage,” said outgoing Nevada Association of Realtors President Linda Rheinberger.

Nevada, which has been ranked No. 1 in the nation in terms of its rate of foreclosure filings since January 2007, tends to show statistically important data first:

A report released today by California-based CoreLogic said foreclosure rates in Nevada increased in November to 9.49 percent of mortgage loans, up 1.71 percentage points from November 2009. The national rate was 3.48 percent in November.

In November, 19.65 percent of Las Vegas mortgages were 90 days or more delinquent, down from 19.70 percent in October. The statewide delinquency rate is 17.35 percent, CoreLogic reported.

University studies in the past two years have suggested that between 17 and 25 percent of Las Vegas residents have considered or would consider walking away from their mortgage even though they could afford their payments.

This is not comforting to anyone looking for a real estate turn around.


One Response

  1. i’m guessing here.
    the stradegy being to move into an apt. for a year.
    let the market crater and re-buy the same house, or another, at half price?

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