Carl Jr. Going Green…As in Moving to Business-Friendly Texas

Inquring minds are looking at a California icon about to leave the state. The Austin American-Statesman is reporting that Carl’s Jr., long associated with the golden part of The (Formerly) Golden State, looks to be leaving for gold in the Hill Country of Texas:

CKE Restaurants Inc., the owner of the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s chains, is considering moving its headquarters from California to Texas. It could be an easy sell for the Lone Star State.

CEO Andrew Puzder and President Michael Murphy met with Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday for the first time to talk about the company’s possible expansion. The move could mean 500 new jobs for Texas, which the company already had identified as a top growth market for its fast-food restaurants.

Austin, among other large Texas cities, would be a possible site for a new headquarters.

“We’re going to do a lot of restaurant development in Texas over the next 10 years,” Puzder said. “We’re considering maybe moving some of the headquarters — or all of the headquarters — here if we have a good business reason to do so, because the tax structure is certainly right, and the business-friendly environment is right.”

Just how “business-friendly” is the environment in Texas?

Puzder said the company is considering a move to Texas because the state encourages business growth, has no personal income tax and has less regulation than California does.

“It’s much easier to build restaurants in Texas,” Puzder said. “There’s a lengthy list of regulations that you have to comply with in California that make doing business virtually impossible. If you’re going to grow, you want to grow someplace like Texas.”

Not that leadership made a difference. Jerry Brown looks to payback the public employees unions that got him elected and Rick Perry makes cold calls:

In 2009, CKE Restaurants said that Texas would be its top growth state for the next several years. The company plans to open 350 restaurants in the state in the next decade. That includes 25 in the Austin area, where the newest Carl’s Jr. opened Monday on Bee Cave Road at Walsh-Tarlton.

Murphy said Perry called him to thank him for the company’s Texas expansion plans.

“We got a call from the governor’s office, saying, ‘What would it take for you to move here?'” Murphy said. “That’s why it was a shock, because here we get a call from a governor’s office, and it’s not the governor of California; it’s the governor of Texas.”

How many other people are actually embarrassed by having Jerry Brown as Governor, Barbara Boxer as a US Senator, and Nancy Pelosi as a Congresswoman from their state?

Just remember that not only are businesses leaving the state in droves (see “Companies Fleeing California“), the population is growing in California for only one reason…illegal immigration(see “People Move Out of O.C.” . The native population is hightailing it out of the state.

Looks to be a great tax model for The (Formerly) Golden State, doesn’t it. A future to look forward too!

A special tip-of-the-hat to Louie.


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  1. *Raises hand to your question*

    That’s the Carls on Broadway, I can see the library in the background 😉

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