Donald Trump: Economic Collapse Could be Coming

Donald Trump might not be Presidential timber, but he could make an incredible economic czar on the domestic front.

Inquiring minds, friends of know, do not put Donald Trump in “American Idol” status. Yet, he is experienced with financial collapses (is it two bankruptcies or three?) and knows how to extricate an organization from it. Afterall, the first time he suffered an economic disaster his father went to one of The Donald’s casino’s and took out something like $% million in black chips to get around IRS laws. This allowed the junior Mr. Trump to pay off bondholders to prevent an imminent default.

So, when Donald Trump speaks of economic disaster, his personal experience gives people reason to listen. And listen they should. Over at TheEconomicCollapse blog they’ve posted an article on Trump’s interview with NewsMax (The accompanying 16-minute video may be seen at “Donald Trump is mad as hell“). In the interview, Mr. Trump makes some very salient points. The blog has eleven of them (although they say 12).

A few of the more important:

#1 “If oil prices are allowed to inflate and keep inflating, if the dollar keeps going down in value, I think there’s a very distinct possibility that things could get worse.”

#2 “….you’re going to pay $25 for a loaf of bread pretty soon. Look at what’s happening with our food prices. They’re going through the roof. We could end up being another Egypt. You could have riots in our streets also.”

#3 “I think gold will go up as long as people don’t have confidence in our president and our country. And they don’t have confidence in our president.”

#4 “The banks have really let us down. Number one, they did some bad things and caused some bad problems. Number two, if you have something that you want to buy, like a house, they’re generally not there for you.”

#6 “I think the biggest threat is that our jobs are being stolen by other countries. We’re not going to have any jobs here pretty soon.”

#9 “We are a laughingstock throughout the world.”

That last quote pretty much sums up everything succinctly. We have become so co-dependent that we seem incapable of making the simplest decision without hand wringing over who will be negatively impacted.

When the lead sled dog doesn’t lead…the sled doesn’t go anywhere. The world is hurting because the Superman (remember?…Truth, Justice, and The American Way!) is sitting at home contemplating lent in his naval and the accompanying ‘butterfly effect’ on the environment. What he should be doing is what he does best…lead and perform good deeds. If something negative happens, so be it. The world is still better off than to let the Lex Luthers of the world have free reign.


2 Responses

  1. against my better judgement i’m going to make a statement/comment about this article.
    i’ve always thought the reason jobs get shipped overseas is because as far back as the pharoahs, every employer is looking to produce something using slave labor pricing.
    if you want to look at jobs going overseas it is the CEOs of complanies that are doing it, not the gov’t.
    granted the gov’t is one making the economic climate in which the CEOs have to function.
    that is why everything you get at wally world says make in china.
    and now with the technology we have, white collar jobs are going overseas.
    for slave labor.
    imo, there is something to be said for mainstreet america.
    yes, you pay more.
    the mom/pop shops pay attention and cover the bottom line. and in the process send their kids to college. that is what my mom did.
    you can’t send a kid to college on a salary from wally world. i know, let’s get the gov’t to pay for it.
    at some point, and i don’t know where it occured, there was an unholy alliance made between big gov’t and big business that grew and expanded, at the expense of mainstreet america.

    • Louie,

      I agree with you somewhat. A company will only pay you as little as it will take to get you to do the work. I actually just finished speaking with a client who visited my office about 30 minutes ago.

      He is the owner of a great AZ light manufacturing company that is tearing it up right now. I have provided capital for him in a variety of ways over the last year.

      He told me that he is moving his manufacturing to Mexico because, even though he tries to be socially responsible, he will go out of business with the permitting fees, and benefits. Healthcare was the killer, he said. He can’t afford the $7000 per year for his employees. Along with so many other items he is required to provide.

      I am actually pro-union…if they will just stay in the area of helping the worker. Unfortunately, most unions have sold there members down the river with useless benefits while leaving the more important areas completely uncovered. The union money is used as a slush fund for Demorcrat campaigns and entertainment. It is criminal…or should be!

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