UK’s Clegg: The Middle Class Won’t Notice Tax Hike

Inquiring minds are looking across The Pond and watching how Britain is tackling their debt problem…and bloviating popinjay politicians are coming to the fore.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg’s contempt for Britain’s middle-class has been exposed by his ill-timed comments on 3 million families forced to pay higher tax rates:

Nick Clegg has invited the wrath of 3 million middle-class families being forced into the higher-rate tax band.

He claimed yesterday that they would ‘barely notice’ the impact on their living standards.

The Deputy Prime Minister admitted that to pay for Liberal Democrat manifesto promises to the low-paid, millions more workers will be pushed into paying 40 per cent income tax over the life of this parliament.

But he made light of their extra burden, saying the money ‘has to come from somewhere’ and adding that middle-earners would hardly notice the difference as most would pay the higher rate of tax on only a small part of their income.

One would have thought that Marie Antoinette would have served as the ultimate example to politicians about having distain for their subjects. But alas, these modern politicians are a rather dense lot and seem incapable of learning even the not-so-finer points of history.

And as the old line goes…Those that refuse to learn from history are forced to repeat history.

Just how dense are the politicians in Washington, D.C.?


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