White House Expects Deficit to Soar to $1.65 Trillion .

Is the MSM EVER going to report on President Obama without bias?

Inquiring minds are looking on as the WSJ reports on the White House’s proposed budget soaring to $3.75 Trillion for 2011. Incredibly, the MSM thinks this is cutting spending:

Mr. Obama is proposing $3.73 trillion in government spending in the next fiscal year, part of a plan that includes budget cuts and tax increases that administration officials believe will sharply bring down the federal deficit over 10 years.

The deficit would decline in fiscal year 2012 to $1.1 trillion, or 7% of gross domestic product, under Mr. Obama’s plan, as a year-long payroll tax holiday and an extension of federal jobless benefits expired, administration officials said. By 2017, the budget plan says, the deficit would be shaved to $627 billion, or 3% of gross domestic product.

Does this not prove that Leftist/Progressives/Socialists are actually Socialist/Communists who never find the ‘right’ amount of spending? Or, even more importantly philosophically, enough spending? In the history of the Liberal movement where have they ever concluded that they do not have to create a program, spend money, or control? The answer is simple: Never.

In over a hundred years Leftist/Progressives/Socialists have searched again and again for any group of actual or perceived victims and attempted to gain control of them by ‘helping’ them. Yet, when all is said and done, the only people ‘helped’ are the unionized government workers. For evidence, look to the “War on Poverty” from the 60’s under President Johnson through it’s dismantling under the Gringrich led Congress of the 90’s. How can anyone publicly state anything else other than it was a complete and utter waste of capital and time. It is hard to help people when the organization attempting to ‘help’ takes 69 cents of every dollar of charity for overhead. Who would give to a charitable organization with such a horrendous record? Yet the Leftists/Progressives/Socialists have no problem with this. On one hand they praise their ‘government’ efforts, yet actively undermine the actions of private charities who do multiple times better in the use of their funds.

We see it when Leftists/Progressives/Socialists spout that “this country gives the least of any country in the world” because they “only count” what the Government gives…even though private charities give much more (and as mentioned above, much more efficiently) than our government. When taken together, majically…this country gives the most by far!

Why then would they argue this canard? Because they aren’t so into helping the downtrodden as they are about control. As in…controlling everything.

It has been the same with every program. There is never…there will never be enough money for the Liberal/Progressives/Socialists. Therefore their philosophy is morally and mentally bankrupt. Unless a movement has, say, minimum and maximum standards (the least and most the movement will do), then it is an illegitimate philosophy.


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