In Greece, Even Sailors Strike

Okay, we admit it...this was our first vision of Greek sailors.

Inquiring minds are bemused at Greece as sailors join the strike:

The national federation of Greek sailors announced today that it would take part in the general strike on February 23. The strike was called by the country’s two major trade unions, Adedy and GSEE, which respectively represent the public and private sectors. The federation announced that all categories of ship crew would join the strike.

Think about the irony here, folks. Greek sailors striking? Really? What next, surfers deciding to become more relaxed? readers should remember other humorous groups striking…

First it was judges:

Well, they did it…Italian Judges strike

And then it was the always overworked diplomats:

Italy: Now its Diplomats that Strike in Protest


One Response

  1. oh dear.
    am i going to have to admit that i remember sitting in a theater one saturday afternoon, holding hands with rita evans, and watching the movie that robert has used a still from for the intro to this essay?
    am i?
    if i’m not mistaken, didn’t the skeleton soldiers grow from the teeth of a slain dragon?
    that would make them liberal/progressive/socialists, would it not?

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