Europe’s New Dark Age?

Inquiring minds are looking at the day’s headlines and are wondering if Europe is entering into Dark Ages II?These were the headlines that greeted the’s staff just today:

Croatia: Unemployment Near 20%, Highest in 8 Years
Greece: Record Number of Store Closures in Downtown Athens
Greece: Public Debt to 340 Bln Euros
Spain: Demand for 3-Month Bonds Declines
Greece: 10th General Strike, ‘Tahrir Square in Athens’
Italy: January Inflation Posts Biggest Jump in Over Two Years
Swedish Housing ‘Bubble’ About to Burst
Former Brit PM Gordon Brown: ‘We’re at a Huge Transition Phase in Our History’

Other than these there was one positive article on Poland and its amazing rise along with an article on a new star in the Italian banking sector.

Remember that this is only one day’s headlines. Maybe in isn’t the ‘Dark Age’ that Europe is entering…maybe it is the ‘Red Plague’ from all the debt.


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