Providence…The Shape of Things to Come?

Teachers should be well acquainted with the "Free Lunch" program.

Inquiring minds are looking at what transpired in Providence late last week where the school district decided to send out dismissal notices to every one of its 1,926 teachers, an unprecedented move that has union leaders up in arms.

Supt. Tom Brady wrote that the Providence School Board on Thursday will vote on a resolution to dismiss every teacher:

In an e-mail sent to all teachers and School Department staff, Brady said, “We are forced to take this precautionary action by the March 1 deadline given the dire budget outline for the 2011-2012 school year in which we are projecting a near $40 million deficit for the district,” Brady wrote. “Since the full extent of the potential cuts to the school budget have yet to be determined, issuing a dismissal letter to all teachers was necessary to give the mayor, the School Board and the district maximum flexibility to consider every cost savings option, including reductions in staff.” State law requires that teachers be notified about potential changes to their employment status by March 1.

“To be clear about what this means,” Brady wrote, “this action gives the School Board the right to dismiss teachers as necessary, but not all teachers will actually be dismissed at the end of the school year.”

And, to no surprise, the union representative reacted like a small child:

“This is beyond insane,” Providence Teachers Union President Steve Smith said Tuesday night. “Let’s create the most chaos and the highest level of anxiety in a district where teachers are already under unbelievable stress. Now I know how the United States State Department felt on Dec. 7 , 1941.” That was the day the Japanese government bombed Pearl Harbor.

It never ceases to amaze how the unions have gotten everything they have wanted…and now that people realize there is no way to afford this fabulous party, then the union representatives always fall back to…”I am shocked to find gambling at this establishment!”

Think about this for just a moment…Providence’s school district is $40 million in the red! Everyone knows about the $14 Trillion national debt but that is only the surface.

Please see ““It” Is Scarier Than Anything Stephen King Has Ever Written

What many don’t seem to realize is that debt is pandemic across our entire country. State governments are writhing in a death dance, local governments are squealing to the Feds that they need money. School districts are underwater. Corporations and private citizens are in debt up to their necks.

To put it into one generalizing sentence: No one has any money anymore.

That is why this next year is going to be a historic year as the people of this country regain control of it. The Left doesn’t understand, even now, what they are fighting. But by the end of this year, they will.

And what happened at the schoolboard meeting?

Well, Toto, we aren’t in the 90’s anymore…

After two hours of contentious discussion, the School Board voted 4 to 3 Thursday night to send out termination notices to each of the city’s 1,926 public school teachers.

More than 700 teachers jammed a high school gymnasium to tell school officials that their hearts were broken, their trust violated and their futures as teachers jeopardized.

“How do we feel? Disrespected,” said Julie Latessa, a special-needs teacher, before the vote. “We are broken. How do you repair the damage you have done today?”

What is with teachers? The first thing they bring up is they ‘feel disrespected’. Look at these other quotes from teacher attendees:

“This is a quasi-legal power grab,” said Richard Larkin, a teacher at Classical High School. “You want to pick and choose teachers. Well, we will not be bullied.”

“I’m feeling disrespected, devalued and marginalized,” said Ed Gorden. “Termination is a career-ender. You are putting a scarlet letter on every one of us.”

Maybe since you don’t feel fulfilled in your current occupation it is time that you seek another organization to succeed in.


3 Responses

  1. against my better judgement, i am leaving this link.

    if you have 6:50 to waste, that you’ll never get back, watch this.
    there are teachers involved.
    one other thing.
    if you have high blood pressure, you better take a dose before watching.

  2. There are 6 school districts in CA. where average pay for teachers is over $90,000.
    There are 20 others where average is between $80 ,000.and $90,000.
    Poor underpaid teachers.
    Of course, you do have to work a WHOLE nine months of the year.

    • I was just stating a very similar stat to some people the other day. They didn’t believe me!

      Thanks for your comment.

      I remember that in the early 90’s some friends and I told people that over 100 teachers in LAUSD (high school) teachers made over 100k. Even the LATimes said we were lying. We produced a document that showed 118 teachers made over 100k. The Times never retracted and the school district just busted everyone down to $99,999.

      Problem solved, right?

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