Spain Sets All-Time Record

Inquiring minds are upon the Iberian Penninsula where the Spanish have just set a record:

Unemployment in Spain has reached a new all-time record in February with an increase of 68,260 compared to January, bringing the total number to 4.3 million, the worst figure since 1996 when unemployment statistics began. Compared to last year, unemployment has increased by 168,838 (+4.08%), according to figures revealed today by the Labour and Immigration Ministry. The number of jobless increased in all sectors in February, including services (+1.6%), industry (+0.71%), construction (+0.34%) and agriculture (+6.67%).

Wasn’t Spain supposed to be the cradle of Green Technology and a hotbed of ‘green’ jobs?



2 Responses

  1. Green jobs are a myth. Obama was in No. Calif. near Fremont,last year, making a speech at a new plant for solar panels.
    The company has since laid off a large number of workers- can’t compete with China, who is now the largest maker of solar panels , in the world.

  2. max said:

    Green jobs are a myth.

    oh, really.
    this from the washington examiner:

    President Obama’s green energy push is rapidly proving to be a crooked racket. It works like this: Revolving-door political hires rev up subsidy programs that enrich their former employers. Then they cash out themselves, pocketing taxpayer loot while turning out energy products that range from inefficient technologies to total failures. Faster than the turbine on a subsidized wind mill, the “clean-tech” revolving door spins out green bandits who get rich off the subsidies they helped craft.

    Cathy Zoi, an Al Gore acolyte, has left her job as assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy to go to work for a new fund that invests in green energy. It was started by Democratic donor George Soros.

    sounds like that shoots down your comment.
    /sarcasm off

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