EL Bobbo is back!

Where's Bobbo?!?!?....I wish! Just FYI, if this WERE a real depiction, the brunette and I would be in each other's seat.

Sorry for the absence. Many people have inquired about the sudden cessation of activity. Any rumors that I was jailed while in a certain banana republic are completely false. As are the ones of me backpacking in Iran. However, those of me accompanying Seal Team Six, well, even though they are false, let’s just keep them going, shall we?

Actually, what happened is a combination of events. Work and life just got to be way too needy for my time. On top of that, I truly felt that I had said (written) enough about what was going on and about to happen. It seemed that I was just stuck in a “Groundhog Day” loop and figured everyone else was becoming as bored as I was.

Now we are back because I think things are about to get incredibly worse. We are at the trail’s end, or very close, and standing at a magnificent crevasse. My good friend, Dr. Housing Bubble, has just written a fantastic critique on why prices must plunge.

This is much longer than I presumed for my first post back. Guess that means I have fresh new issues to write about again. As always, I hope that you find this cyber space illuminating and useful.

Also, please let me know what you think.


4 Responses

  1. Glad to see that you are back. We need more fresh/irreverant thoughts on what is going on.
    The unemployment picture is going to tank housing prices. With a population increasing by 2-3 million people, a year,in the U.S., we need 150,000 + jobs, just to “stay even” with population increases.
    Last month, we added only a small fraction of that. No amount of “spin” is going to cover that up. We were in the Carmel/Monterey area recently . The number of vacant store fronts seems to be increasing exponentially.

  2. i can’t figure it out. was it bobbo that was the other man in the recent hugh hefner kerfuffel?
    frank comment:
    my naive friend. no spin is necessary. MSM will not report it, ergo it is not. when the unemployment rate hits 45 %, hussein’s job approval rating will fall below 75%. when that happens let’s get back together and talk.

  3. Nice to see you back! when the currenj media is swinging from lamp posts where do you think we will get the new ones from?

  4. Fantastic to see you back, I’ve missed this blog, don’t ask me why, I live in Auckland, NZ and have basically no interest in the USA but for some reason I just like your blog.

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