Isn’t it amazing?!?!?

Rumored portrait of the 45th President of the United States

President Obama has gotten religion!

Well, eh…no, I guess I can’t say that. I mean, after all, he was going to Jeremiah Wright’s ‘church’ for the 20+ years preceding his ascendency to the throne, er…Presidency. Let’s just call a…shovel a shovel, shall we? He is now a fiscal moderate.

In the patois of DC, this means he wants to lower the rate of increase of spending and raise taxes only a moderate amount. I didn’t think he was a drug addict anymore. We, as a country, are out of money and Barry wants to spend more money?!?!?!?

The man who needs a teleprompter to know when it is time to eat, is telling us that we need to “eat our peas”???

This is the greatest change of direction since Barry Sanders ran with the rock up in Motown. Not to mention the chutzpah it took to tell that big of a lie in front of over 300 million people.

What bugs me when I hear this isn’t the change of direction though. It is that the POTUS’s minions even think that it would be believed by a critical mass of the electorate.

Actually it bothers me that any American citizen would fall for such a transparently partisan act. One might say that it is a symptom of a far greater problem…that of a country that would freely elect the likes of Barack Obama.


One Response

  1. the photo is clever as ever. let’s call the men in black.
    oh, but it will be believed, and by more than a critical mass.
    germany freely elected hitler in the ’30s. and if you talk to any dimocrat, while calling conservatives nazis, if you get them to actually describe their economic philosophy, it is textbook national socialism. but they are not nazis.

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