Child Homelessness up 33% in 3 years…Hmmm…

Inquiring minds are smirking right now after National Center on Family Homelessness revealed that child homelessness in the US has risen 33% in the previous 3 years. Further, it was reported:

The report paints a bleaker picture than one by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which nonetheless reported a 28% increase in homeless families, from 131,000 in 2007 to 168,000 in 2010.
Dennis Culhane, a University of Pennsylvania professor of social policy, says HUD’s numbers are much smaller because they count only families living on the street or in emergency shelters.
“It is a narrower standard of homelessness,” he says. However, Culhane says, “the bottom line is we’ve shown an increase in the percentage of homeless families.”
The study, a state-by-state report card, looks at four years’ worth of Education Department data. It assesses how homeless children fare based on factors including the state’s wages, poverty and foreclosure rates, cost of housing and its programs for homeless families.

Hmmm…I wonder what else happened three (3) years ago?

Oh, that’s right. There was an election…

…Where the Democrats took control of the Presidency and both Houses.

What’s that sign you see in so many stores?

“If you break it…you own it.”