About Bobbo

The nickname “Bobbo” was given to him many, many years ago by a best friend and it has stuck ever since.

Currently he invests in real estate and assists owners with everything from buying & selling their businesses to obtaining financing for them.

Bobbo has an engineering degree with minors in Chemistry and Business. In college, he had to give up his first love, baseball, but still played football. Unfortunately, a knee injury on the last morning of two-a-days as a sophomore pretty much ended his career. He then became a football and baseball coach for his high school alma mater.

Because of his love for high school and college sports, he bird-dogged for a well-known west coast university and many recruiting ‘gurus’ for football. This gave him the chance to help many young athletes attain their dreams.

Bobbo has been investing in the stock market since college. He has been in real estate investing for 20+ years buying his first home in the early 90’s. He started a company in 1991 that did quick turn-around flips on properties to get them sold for real estate agents during the recession of the early 90’s.

Also, during the early and mid 90’s Bobbo was very involved in California politics and was a member of the “young lions” that worked to rid the state of Willie Brown and usher in a Republican majority in the legislature for the first time in 20+ years. He worked on many campaigns and in several different capacities. At one time he sat on the executive committee for the State Republican Committee. Although Conservative/Libertarian, he was always well thought of by the other side of the aisle.

Most importantly, Bobbo’s world view is shaped by the fact that he is an Eastern Orthodox Christian and the father of a incredible young man who is a brave warrior for his country. For charity work, Bobbo mostly is intimately involved with a local chapter of a homeless & working-poor charity.

He feels all of this gives him a ground level view of events happening in the world today.

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