Ya Gotta Love Liberals/Progressives/Leftists

One of "the editors" of Bloomberg.

…and the way they argue.

Are they trained this way in their liberal arts colleges?

In reading a Bloomberg article a couple of days ago entitled “Closer Look Proves the Texas Path to Job Growth Isn’t Best: View“, I was simply awestruck by the complete lack of ability by a professional writer to lay out an intelligent, well thought out, argument. It is the literary equivalent of a SNL skit. It was so poorly written that no one put a name to it. The byline just reads “By the Editors”.

Seriously, this is the second and third paragraphs:

It’s easy to be charmed by Texas, but it would be a mistake to think the state might serve as a national model. Texas created almost 250,000 jobs in the past two years, nearly as many as the other 49 states combined. Texas leaders, including Republican Governor Rick Perry, credit that success to low taxes and a business-friendly regulatory approach.

Yes and no. Those factors played a role. To a sizable degree, however, the state’s booming payrolls are the result of hard-to-duplicate factors, such as a fast-growing population, and unusually low wages.

It’s that last sentence. Especially “hard-to-duplicate factors…”.

Let me answer “the editors”: No, it isn’t.

It isn’t hard to duplicate at all. When you have “low taxes and a business-friendly regulatory approach” you get a “fast-growing population, and unusually low wages”. People flock to “fast growing” states because businesses set up in “business-friendly regulatory” places. And “low wages” are acceptable because people don’t have to make as much since their state government isn’t stealing as much of their income.

Does anybody remember legendary basketball coach, Bobby Knight’s great one-liner to an obnoxious sportswriter?

“Most people learn how to write in the second grade and move on to greater things. What’s your excuse?”

These Bloomberg editors must have slept through their “Critical Thought” and “Rhetoric” classes. Seriously, do they need to be shown the mathematical proof for 1 + 1 = 2?

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