A Tale of Two Cities, Two Stories…and Shows US Completely Lost

Inquiring minds are standing with jaw agape. Two stories on consecutive days have brightly highlighted that the United States has completely lost its way. The issue isn’t a lack of morals and/or character. It is a complete lack of values. This country doesn’t know what is important.

Two days ago, we saw that a jury in the most anti-military state in the country gave $1.8 million dollars to a universally known crazy person. Jesse Ventura who has repeated lied about being a SEAL, a person who thinks the US was behind 9-11, who was a professional wrestler, a bully, and has said any number of whacko beliefs, says that an American hero defamed him in a book. So to get his ‘reputation’ back, he sued the hero’s widow.

What’s more, 11 Navy SEALS gave testimony that they heard Ventura being a jerk. One even said he was an eyewitness to seeing Chris Kyle deck Ventura:

“A parade of witnesses called by attorneys for the Kyle estate testified that Ventura was rude and demeaning that evening, and one even described seeing Kyle punch Ventura and knock him down onto the sidewalk. Ventura’s attorneys attempted to poke holes in that testimony, pointing to inconsistencies in stories and the passage of time.”

Yet, somehow, ‘discrepancies’ between the SEALS stories were too much for the 8-man, 4-woman jury to accept and so they gave Jesse “The Conspiracist” Ventura $1.8 million.

The jury essentially said, “We think that 11 living SEALS and a murdered heroic SEAL are all lying and we are going to give millions to a known liar.”

Now, look at what the Federal government gets away with when it gets caught spying on the US Senate:

“The development was the subject of wildly different characterizations by sources on either side of the dispute, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to go beyond official statements.”

So, we as a country, believe spies’ wildly different explanations of illegally spying on US Senators more than Navy SEALS who were eyewitness to events in a bar between a hero and a nationally known, wigged-out barfly?

This exposes America’s messed up values. Forget Nero at Rome, the United States is burning while we are all fiddling.

As Don Meredith used to sing, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over…”