Hundreds of Thousands to Lose Jobless Benefits

Inquiring minds are upon California this morning. With a week to go before The (formely) Golden State elects a governor to lead it out of the mess created by 40+ years of Democrat rule, Californians have a choice to make. A tax and spend liberal who embarrassed the state 30 years ago or a self-made billionaire who has created an iconic company and tens of thousands of well paying jobs who has vowed to tackle the major issue of the state. The choice could not be more clear.

Now comes a new report by the National Employment Law Project where nearly 226,000 Californians, more people than in all of Irvine, CA, are expected to lose unemployment benefits during the holidays if Congress fails to approve a continuation of aid after the current law expires Nov. 30:

Nearly 226,000 Californians, more people than in all of Irvine, are expected to be cut off of unemployment during the holidays if Congress does not approve a continuation of aid after the current law expires Nov. 30, according to a new estimate by the National Employment Law Project.

Congress recessed earlier this month to go home to campaign without taking any action on unemployment. As it currently stands, the up to 99 weeks of extended unemployment benefits now available will end Nov. 30.

Come December, laid-off workers will not be eligible for more than the 26 weeks of standard state unemployment. Anyone on extended benefits will immediately be cut off.

More than a half million Californians had their benefits temporarily cut off in June and July when the last aid bill lapsed May 31. Congress retroactively reinstated those benefits in late July.

NELP, which is an advocate for workers, estimates 74,295 Californians will end their 26 weeks of state unemployment benefits in December and 151,341 will be cut-off early from the four tiers of extended benefits plus so-called Fed-Ed that is now available.

More than 1.2 million unemployed Americans nationwide will be cut off in December, just before the holidays, NELP says.

But this doesn’t include another large group of Californians:

The current campaign doesn’t address the plight of the 219,000 people the California Employment Development Department says exhausted their 99 weeks of benefits as of Oct. 19. At least one bill has been introduced to deal with the so call 99ers, but no action has taken place.

And unemployment has gotten much worse in the last 60 days!

Tax and spend Progressives have so much compassion they dump their constituancy during Christmas vacation. Is Nancy Pelosi or Jerry Brown going to play the ‘Ghost of Christmas’ to Come in this production?

Happy Holidays! And have a happy New Year!!!


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  1. It looks like California is going to elect Brown. Brown is in the pocket of the unions and the tax and spend liberals. If there was EVER a case of “you get what you deserve”, this is it. I think Brown and the rest of the California politicians expect the federal government to bail them out. I hope not! Not because of any animus towards California but because of love of California. It needs to collapse, In fact the country needs to see it collapse. 90% of the people in this country are clueless to how bad things are and how much worse they will get. When California collapses it will finally have a chance to rebuild itself. As long as it is propped up it will only get worse and waste resources and time.

    • Thanks for the great comments.

      I completely agree with you. As a native Californian, this state needs to collapse. That might just wake up everyone else up in the rest of the country. To say nothing of the people of California.

      January 1 is a red letter date. From that point on, it is not going to be pretty. Everything business wise has been pulled forward into this year. It is scary what is coming.

  2. […] Hundreds of Thousands to Lose Jobless Benefits […]

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